Prenatal Vitamins; Essential for Pregnancy Health Despite Claims to the Contrary

  Prenatal Vitamins; Essential for Pregnancy Health Despite Claims to the Contrary

Garland, Texas, United States – Because diet alone doesn’t always assure that a pregnant woman receives the proper amount of vitamins to support healthy fetal development, a prenatal vitamin is designed to fill the gaps. Baby’s Best Start Prenatal Vitamins provide an appropriate balance of vitamins and minerals, along with other critical nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy.

Which Vitamins Are Essential for a Developing Baby?
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) is crucial during the earliest weeks of pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects, such and spina bifida, and certain heart problems.

Lutein is a carotenoid that aids the proper development of a baby’s brain and eyes.

Iron – Getting enough iron during pregnancy will help a pregnant woman stay energetic and avoid anima. Iron also supports both mother and baby’s oxygen intake and is vital to the production of extra blood cells.

Vitamin A should be included in an expectant mother’s diet as it’s essential for embryonic growth and crucial for development of the baby’s bones, heart, kidneys, lungs and eyes.

Can you get enough vitamins from food alone?
If you eat optimally you may be able to get all the nutrients you need in exactly the right doses. However, busy lives often prevent people from eating all the right foods. And even if you were to attain that admiral goal, cooking times and heat affect vitamin potency. The length of time and the way that fresh fruits and vegetables are stored can also diminish vitamin availability.

Professional Grade Prenatal Vitamins Are a Safe Choice
Supplements provide an extra level of nutrition in much the same way that fertilizer supplies plants with the extra nutrients that sunlight and water can’t.

However, when considering something as important as essential nourishment for a growing baby, vitamin standards should be extremely high. Although you might think choosing any OTC (over the counter) prenatal vitamin would give you what you need, quality does make a difference.

Manufacturers of prenatal vitamins that are categorized as professional grade voluntarily develop vitamins that go a step beyond the average supplement. In addition, the pregnancy vitamins are subjected to a rigorous manufacturing and testing process that ensures superior quality and absorbability.

Dr. James Mixon, CFO of Frontrunners Health, describes their professional grade prenatal supplement in this way, “Our vitamins are produced with the highest quality ingredients and we don’t skimp on quality. That’s why Baby’s Best Start contains Folate instead of folic acid and 100% of the RDA of biotin. We’ve also added lutein, which is something most manufacturers omit because of the added cost.”

Pregnancy is a natural condition, but it’s also stressful on a woman’s body. Dietary supplements are the best tool an expectant mother has with which to deal with that stress.

Frontrunners Health has made their prenatal multivitamin available through Amazon and their website.

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