“We have found an interesting niche in delivering organic loose goods”

Six months ago, after a 25-year career in the fruit industry, Klaus Reinhard decided to start his own company, with his partner Anasse Amarouche. The company has now changed to a PLC, explains the owner of the Hanau-based company. “We are satisfied with the developments so far; the variety of our organic assortment is well received by customers and regional supermarket branches keep asking for special articles from us.”

Image: A&R Fruchtimpex UG

In addition, the new wholesale business also supplies the organic trade. “We have found an interesting niche in delivering loose organic goods to the retail sector, as the central distribution centers deliver pre-packaged goods to the stores. Loose vegetables, celery and unpackaged cauliflowers are all the rage.”

International and regional products
The company’s standard assortment currently comprises of about 30 to 40 organic products, which are offered to customers according to their demand, availability and quality. A substantial part of today’s vegetable assortment is sourced from France and Spain. The offer is complemented by products from local organic farmers. The regional supply is gradually being expanded, because the demand for organic food is still unsaturated. “At the moment, people are struggling with the harsh climatic conditions, which sometimes leads to shortages and quality problems,” Reinhard says. “Tomatoes do not last long at the moment because it is too warm. There are hardly any cucumbers, either from Germany nor from Spain. In some instances, prices are exploding.”

Melons & Fruit Exotics
Another seasonal focus of the new company is a variety of melons. Especially Charentais from French producer Murail are in high demand, due to the heat. “We are seeing a great demand for traditional melon varieties, and recently we have also offered a Portuguese variety, but we have found that it was not interesting enough for the German market. The melon sales are generally very encouraging.”

Moroccan products
Due to the Moroccan roots of co-owner Anasse Amarouche, they also want to expand their activities in this area. Not only Moroccan fruits and vegetables are very popular, but this also goes for the argan oils from the North African country. “We offer these oils in over 10 different flavors,” says Amarouche. From clove to pomegranate blossoms to two high-quality organic oils, the complementary oil portfolio has grown.”

Italian potted herbs
The last strong point of A & R Fruchtimpex is its expertise in winter hardy Italian potted herbs, reports Reinhard. “We deliver these to retail customers on a small scale, both in conventional and organic quality.The Italian potted herbs season usually lasts from February to May, but we still offer them outside the peak season, peripherally.”

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