Facial leaves you blooming…

IT pays to have a bit of cheek when the offer of a facial arrives on your desk.

It also helps to have a thick skin, one of the many pluses of getting older.

If I’m honest, it wasn’t so much the facial, rather the glacial, that drew me to the Rose Hotel, Tralee. Let’s face it, you couldn’t fix my face.

But the prospect of combining an ELEMIS Superfood Radiance Facial with a Superfood (packed lunch) ‘Glacial’ valley walk, into the bowls of Caherconree mountain, which has such great views of Tralee Bay, along with a spectacular waterfall and freshwater lake at the end of the path, tickled my senses.

The walk was led by a man with a great name, John Edwards, of Wild Water Adventures, a family-owned, adventure activity provider based in the town. His slogan: ‘ relaxed and never rushed, participants come as clients, but they leave as friends’.

Walking is food for my soul but for a certain person I know an ELEMIS Superfood Radiance Facial, a vegan, plant-based boost ‘was EVERYTHING her skin was crying out for’.

They say it’s great for those with stressed skin, dull skin tone and for treating the build-up of toxins. The botanical-rich products positively packs skin with a whole host of energising nutrients. It was to quote a certain lady afterwards ‘yummy’. Glowing and radiant were the words that came to my mind. Beauty is only skin deep and all that but I was really impressed with the result.

I wondered though what Mary, Nora and Paddy ‘Macha na mBó’ would have thought of such luxuries. Our walking guide John had referenced that family earlier in the day as being the last family to leave the nearby valley of Macha na mBó 79 years ago. When Mary and Nora got ‘dolled up’ for Mass on a Sunday morning I’m sure they would have been glad of an earthy superfood facial prior to one of them making their way down the valley to Mass at Annascaul, the other to Clehane, so that they’d get ALL the news.

Thanks to an ever-increasing awareness of what we put into our bodies, nutrient-rich superfoods are steadily becoming a more important part of our diets and it’s not difficult to see why, given their long list of health benefits.

Elemis’ vegan-friendly Superfood Skincare System, is a collection of products enriched with pre and probiotic ingredients and superfoods such as Ginger, Matcha Tea and Goji Berry.

A key element of many superfoods are their pre and probiotic qualities which benefit digestive systems. Experts now believe that gut health can have a huge impact on the appearance of our skin too. It’s unsurprising therefore that these natural ingredients can also have a positive effect on our skin when applied topically.

Cue the Elemis Superfood Radiance Facial…

At the Rose Hotel in Tralee there are a number of steps that make up the luxury treatment in the cosy confines of the Serenity Spa, in bespoke treatment rooms where you can nurture and nourish the mind, body and soul.

Now I may have been the thorn among the roses on this occasion and while I’m no Al Pacino () I have a good nose for a good scent, and I liked what I smelled the minute I hit the Serenity reception desk.

I was there for research purposes but two hours later a certain lady told this tramp that therapist Ramona began with an eye and lip cleanse before a full facial cleanse with the Elemis Superfood Facial Wash. A toner is applied to the skin before a refreshing lime compress. Then comes the massage with the Superfood Facial Oil – a light-weight and non-greasy product. A facial exfoliation is followed by the application of the Hydra Soothing Eye Gel Mask and the Amino Active Mask. This super quick-setting mask provides the skin with a deep cleanse and restores moisture levels. The powerful minerals and antioxidants in the veggie mask, such as kale, broccoli, flax seeds, papaya and kefir promote cell regeneration too. It is full of collagen-boosting enzymes The mask peeling is a favourite of many, giving smoother skin.

A heavenly scalp massage, and a lovely hand and arm massage — with a tone and Exotic Moisturising Cream Mask in-between relaxes clients to the max. The treatment finishes with another tone, the application of the Superfood Facial Oil, eye cream, and a slathering of the Superfood Day Cream.

One of the many post-treatment feelgood factors experienced in the relaxation room afterwards while sipping a fruit smoothie and nibbling on fresh fruit on skewers, was, I heard afterwards from several of the willing participants, that knowing the ingredients are packed full of goodness heightens the experience.

The ELEMIS superfood facial costs €85 and package rates for 2BB1D are from €265 total stay. For further information on spa treatments and wonderful midweek packages at the Rose Hotel call Serenity Spa on + 353 (0) 66 7199100, or email [email protected]

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