Agent to Agent: Are There Any All-Inclusive Resorts With Organic Food Options?

Dear Tammy: More and more of my clients are asking me specifics about the food served at certain resorts, hotels and restaurants. I was wondering, are there any all-inclusive resorts that offer their guests organic food options? I know many places are focused on offering gluten-free options and vegetarian options, but what about organic options?

Tammy: Really great question. And you’re absolutely right. The food movement has more people paying attention to their food choices, even when on vacation. While some travelers will need to avoid eating certain foods because they have gluten allergies, etc. others are choosing to only eat foods that are organic for their good health and for the good health of the planet.

The travel industry is recognizing the food choices people are making when they’re on vacation, and that’s why travelers have more specialty food options available today than ever before. You can see proof of this on many menus, which are now marked using various ‘codes’ in order to inform guests more about their food options. For example, a GF next to a dish will indicate that it’s gluten-free.

So tell your clients to let any restaurant’s they go to when on vacation know that they want organic food options. If they get enough requests it’s likely they’ll jump on the healthy, organic food bandwagon, too. Resorts that are more focused on wellness vacations tend to offer the healthiest food choices.

For example, Rythmia is a resort in Costa Rica. Their onsite restaurant—Roots—uses locally sourced, farm to table organic foods whenever possible. They’re an all-inclusive resort that puts a lot of emphasis on organic foods and sustainable farming, which is one of their selling points.

The Nay Palad Hideaway is a beautiful all-inclusive resort located on Siargao Island, in the Philippines, and has its own organic farm.

The Grand Velas Riviera Maya serves a variety of organic dishes, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian dishes.

Even though organic options may not be listed on a menu, it’s always worth it to ask if there are organic food options available. There are some resorts that will go out of their way to accommodate their guests.

The bottom line is you really want to do everything you can for your clients, and that includes finding a few all-inclusive resorts that can offer them the organic food choices they want. And when you do, imagine the fantastic testimonial they’ll give you when they return from their vacation!

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